Comments I’ve Left on Yahoo News Stories

tumblr_m6cb9lkGUh1rwvio4o1_400On Drake:

Hey Wheel Chair Jimmy, go fuck yourself.

On the so-called ‘gay agenda’:

They want to shove dicks down your throat. That’s the ‘gay agenda’. A dong in every throat.

On bra sizes:


On Kim Kardashian:

Seriously, you know how christians always blame the bad things that happen to us due to gay people and liberals? I think bad things happen due to KIM FUCKING KARDASHIAN! QUIT BREATHING ALL MY FUCKING AIR! YES I’M MAD!!!

On dog grammar:

I feel like dogs would have better grammar.

On Michelle Obama’s celebrity:

You people would debate the color of orange juice.

On mermaids:

I feel like a real mermaid would be better looking in the face :/

On American health:

Americans can’t have Kinder Eggs because we are all fucking retarded apparently, and we’re so fat we’d tried to wolf down the plastic toy inside.

On the source of Kim Kardashian’s ‘talent’:

40 lbs. of tit meat.


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